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24/7 Alarm receiving center

Within Malaca Seguridad’s portfolio services, having an alarm receiving center in Marbella & Benahavis area, makes us provide a very differential value to our clients, since we can offer a comprehensive security service.

alarm-receiving-center-in-MarbellaThe physical headquarters of our 24/7 alarm receiving center in Marbella is located in Nueva Andalucía. From there we provide a high level service to our connected clients, through the best interaction between the human environment, C.R.A. operators. and the latest technology available on the market.

All security systems we install are connected to our 24/7 alarm receiving center in Marbella, which is responsible for verifying and qualifying the signal received, to launch the action procedure described in the Private Security Law 5/2014 , of April 4.

As complementary services to the central reception we find:

  • Key holding service
  • Security Car and Guard Response

This allows the owners, in the event of an alarm signal and being absent from their property, that our assistance team come to verify it.

The keys are coded, so that the assistance team does not know until the moment of the intervention, to which property each set of keys belongs.

The fundamental benefit of having an alarm system connected to a central station that monitors signals is peace of mind and security.

During whole day, 24/7 alarm receiving center in Marbella receives all kinds of signals, and not only strictly those related to theft, robbery and / or sabotage.

Alarm systems emit other types of technical signals, such as:

  • periodic self-tests, which indicate that the alarm is working and correctly transmits signals to the central
  • Low battery in one of the system detectors
  • Panic signals issued by the user in case of threat
  • Blackouts in property….
  • In short, many are the signals during 24 hours a day, they are received and managed by security personnel, trained and experienced for their correct management.
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