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Alarm systems in Marbella

Alarm systems in Marbella

We hereby introduce the new most awarded wireless security system in europe: Ajax alarm systems, which we Malaca can easily install in your home or business in the area of Marbella and the rest of the Costa del Sol, as per your best convenience.

A modern, stylish and high security alarm system. Once installed, it would be connected to our ARC alarm receiving center in Marbella, getting total control of your home, with the benefits offered by this system and the ability of the staff and technology of our alarm receiving station to respond & comply to the alarm-events received.

In addition, the system will react to report yourself and immediately all of the alarm-activity that the system installed in your home or business may generate, you can comfortably track all activity via your smartphone, through our free-of-charges (both IOS and Android compatible)security cameras to install in Marbella

Forget about the security systems of the past


Safe and reliable alarm systems.


Do the Ajax alarm detectors work so far from the central system?

Ajax detectors are connected to the Hub alarm-panel transceiver. It increases the capabilities of the devices, controls their operation, and sends alarm messages to the owner and the Central Monitoring Station. The device detects human presence by IR level using a passive IR sensor. The data received is digitally processed in order to prevent false alarms.

Communication range with central unit — up to 1.700m in an open space. The certification of the alarm system is Grade 2 EEC.

The results may vary, since walls, ceilings and other barriers would shorten that distance, but logically they are technologically prepared for the needs of any villa or business in Marbella.coverage between detectors and central alarm


How often do you have to change the batteries?

Ajax system devices are powered by batteries, since they do not have connection to the network.  This means that we do not need masonry work to install the alarm system.

The devices of the system are connected through a special electro-optical combined radio security channel, which keeps them protecting your home or office for as long as possible, battery lifeup to 7 years.

alarm system detectors powered by batteries

How will I know that the batteries in the devices are running low?

When the batteries reach a critical level, the Ajax alarm system will send a notification. If you are curious, you can check the battery levels at any time in the device settings.

How will I know if a device battery is dying?

How do I control the ajax alarm system?

At Malaca Seguridad, we monitor the Ajax alarm systems from our Alarm Monitoring Center department in Marbella.

In addition, through its free mobile application for ios and android, you can arm / disarm the system and control all your devices (including information on signal status, battery level and temperature). The system can also be controlled with the keyboard installed in the home or business.

How do I control the ajax alarm system?

Will my pet or cleaning robot activate my alarm system?

Ajax devices use a digital algorithm to detect human movement. While your pets are less than 50 centimeters (19.5 inches) and 20 kilograms (44 pounds), they should not activate their Ajax detectors.

Will my pet or cleaning robot activate my alarm system?



Can I add and / or delete users from the alarm system?

You can add up to 50 users to the Ajax central. Relatives, employees, neighbors, Malaca Security.

We can create several profiles: a basic user, an administrator without access to the control panel, or even a different one who does have access to the control panel of the system.

Can I add and / or delete users from the alarm system?


Video surveillance

At Malaca Seguridad we can add cameras to your Ajax alarm system and be managed using your App, since it supports video streaming by RTSP.Video surveillance with your alarm system ajax



Does the alarm system notify me in case of an incident?

The Ajax alarm system sends push notifications via SMS messages or phone calls to the system owner.

In the mobile application you can choose the preferences of these notifications.

How does the system send notifications so fast?
The central system constantly monitors the detectors. If a detector is activated, it immediately transmits that information.

The alarm system sends an alert to the mobile phone of the owner of the system and to the central reception of alarms in Marbella of Malaca Seguridad.

All this happens in just milliseconds.

communication between central alarms and detectors

Prevention of sabotage.

Can the alarm system be blocked by attacking the communication system?

A difference from most wireless and cable security systems, Ajax uses dual communication channels to send alerts: mobile telephony and broadband internet.

When there is a problem with one of the channels, Ajax automatically switches to the other. If an attacker has blocked the GSM signal, the system sends an alarm via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, or vice versa if there is a fall in the internet network.

alarm system with dual communication channel

Can be attacked the radio signal between the central system and the devices to cut it?

In case the system  detects in its internal controls that it does not receive the signal from any device, it sends a notification informing of the incident.

In addition, the system reports high levels of noise in the radio channel, which may be due to deliberate interference attempts or other large interference. For example, the defective radio receiver of a neighbor.

Can Ajax radio signals be intercepted?

All communications between the devices are encrypted with a floating-key algorithm before being sent.

As an additional measure of protection, each device has a unique identifier that prevents its inhibition.system alarm with communications encryptedWhat happens if the internet falls?


In the off-line mode, the detectors will continue to monitor the situation and activate the sirens (interior and / or exterior).

indoor siren in an ajax alarm system

What happens if there is a blockout?

The first thing the system does is send a notification warning of the problem. The battery of the system would come into operation, maintaining the connection with our receiving center for about 15 hours.

Once the power is restored, the system will recharge the battery completely.

Can the Ajax alarm system be hacked?

Ajax has a closed ecosystem. By replacing algorithms and standard solutions, by our own developments, we have eliminated errors and third party infractions.

Ajax has created the Jeweler radio communication technology that offers multi-level protection from scratch.

The operating system in real time Hub OS Malevich is immune to viruses, and the IoT protocol eliminates the possibility of our computers being used within a botnet.

To prevent any future attack, we regularly perform penetration tests with external auditors.

security system with anti hacker system


If you want information for an Ajax alarm system to install in Marbella or on the Costa del Sol, you can contact to request information through the whatsapp icon that is displayed on the screen or on the contact page of the website.

For more information, whatch this video


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