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There is a major demand of manned guarding services (security presence) at homeowners associations & communities in the Marbella region.

There is a high chance that your home can be burglared, the chance is higher at wealthy developments. It is true to state that the Marbella communities are a target at all stages. There are many foreign families in the Costa del Sol, specially the region of Marbella, these homes are a target whilst homeowners reside at their home countries.

guarding services (security presence) at homeowners associations & communities in the Marbella regionWith this in mind, there is a major number of manned guarding services that have been hired in Marbella, not only on-the-site security presence is necessary but also to bring a number of other safety-actions to comply with security:

Home alarm systems: it is important that your own security system at the dwelling will help the community security services. The ‘bandidos’ must know that they will not only have to face security officers at the resort but that they will have to face an alarm-system at the property. One should note that –common sense- the protection system shall be linked to an ARC (alarm receiving center) that will monitor alarm events 24/7.

It is a point of interest, to implement (more means of security) at the development, we mean perimetral alarm sytems and cameras (CCTV)

Keyholding an on-site verification: guarding services (security presence) at homeowners associations & communities in the Marbella regionwe take for granted that there is an alarm system at the house, we strongly suggest that the alarm-company will hold a key of your property too, in the case of an alarm event the security staff can help & open the main door to the Police.

CCTV-system (cameras): cameras will help to deter crime, and these valuable images will help to clarify events. It can help the Police solve crimes as well.

Physical barriers: i.e. walls, fences, bushy thorns (firethorn Pycarantha) among the home and around the community will prevent unwanted trespassors.

Another important point is illumination, it can help to increase a feeling of safety.

Random security patrols at HOAs: specific random security patrols will help to secure a much wider area at the community.

With all the above-mentioned security actions in place, the risk of burglary can be reduced drastically, the more actions that are taken the stronger your community will become.

Malaca Seguridad have more than 30-year of experience in the security industry, we can provide manned guarding security presence in the communities of Marbella as well as help to bring all necessary actions into our development.

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