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MALACA SEGURIDAD is a Puerto Banús, Marbella established private security company with an expanding and growing vision spirit, firmly established in all the areas where we provide security presence. We got more than 25 years of experience in the private security industry

The key factor of our success through all these years is based upon a trustful relationship with our clients and employees; the experience and know-how of our professionals in the security field and their commitment to will offer the most professional results. We run our business on values such as honesty, efficiency, transparency and ethics for the services rendered.

Malaca Security is proud to deliver customized security  programs  to  our  client  portfolio. With these facts in mind, we carefully study the needs and worries of our individual customers to find the best service and solution to their requirements.

The confident that our clients have put in us during all these years and the efficiency of our services, can only be possible due to the selective hiring process of our staff. We always  look for the most suitable personnel at each working position.

“MALACA SECURITY SYSTEMS, S.A.”, have three different departments:

Security Guards dept., Alarm Monitoring Center dept. and Security Systems installation and maintenance dept.

Empresas de seguridad con servicio de acuda o respuesta ante señales de alarma

“MALACA SECURITY SYSTEMS, S.A.”, is a firmly established company. It was officially founded in July 13th 1992 with business VAT tax registration number A-29648615.  Malaca  Security Systems has been duly authorized by the Spanish Security Ministry to  run  Private  Security missions, Private Security company registration nº  2718.  We  meet  all  legal  requirements stated in the Official Regulations of Security Companies in force

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