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Malaca Seguridad is a private security company. The firm was established in Marbella, and its head office is located in Nueva Andalucía (Marbella), during more than 30 years.

Malaca Seguridad provides different services as Security Guards dept., Alarm Monitoring Center dept. and Security Systems installation and maintenance department. In our custumer installations we use all kind of security tecnology as CCTV, perimeter and anti-intrusion detection.

We provide research and security assessment (PPP Personal Protection Plans, Risk assessment guidelines, electronical protection of objects, guidelines of security and alarm user training, etc.) We develop a global vision of security, a broad spectrum of security and protection services, get technologies and staff working for you with a common global vision and strategy.

Security consultancy is a great opportunity for our custumers, so they achieve the optimal balance between security guards and security technology.

In Marbella we provide Manned guarding at HOAs, and also CCTV surveillance, alarm response and key holding, so in case of any alarm detected we send our assistance and also contact with pólice.

how security company react when alarm go on-off

In the attached image you can see how the security company reacts to an alarm signal received at its control center.

We contact with the property owner or the in charge. In case of needs we also contact with the on site security prresence, in case the property had a manned guardian in the community.

At the same moment Malaca´s manned guarding verification, would go to check the property.

If situation needs we´d contact with police.

As a resume,  Malaca Seguridad can cover private the needs of your property and your interests in general in private security issue

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