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Security cameras in Marbella


Malaca Sistemas de Seguridad, S.A., has been duly authorized by the Spanish Security Ministry to run Private Security missions, Private Security company registration nº 2718. We meet all legal requirements stated in the Official Regulations of Security Companies in force. We are allowed to provide surveillance services, 24/7 alarm receiving center and security system installation.

As a security system installation, installing Security cameras in Marbella, is one of the most important issue.

During these period we have evolved as security technology has.


Type of camera systems

IP Camera system

They are digital cameras, which send the video signal directly to the network through UTP cable and RJ45 connectors. It will allow us to view the cameras from anywhere in the world.

Its installation is more complicated than an analog system, so it must be done by an expert, but the viewing quality is much higher. The prices of these products are today at the level of analog systems. There is the possibility of making hybrid systems between analogs already installed and IP.


IP security camera to install in Marbella







Analog camera systems

They are the traditional systems of C.C.T.V. They send the signal by coaxial cable to VCR or DVR type recorders. Digital IP camera systems offer higher performance, analog cameras continue to be installed if the customer demands it.

The resolution offered by these cameras is 1000 TVL, 700TVL, 650TVL, 480, 420TVL TV lines, much lower than that provided by an IP system. Currently there are more to replace cameras from old systems, with the new majority being IP.

analog camera to install in Marbella


Type of cameras

They are design for outdoor use being water and weather resistant. They use infrared to get night vision.



The mini domes are prepared to be installed outdoors, but due to their design they are usually used especially indoors.

IP mini dome to install in Marbella


These cameras are intended for home use. They are installed in a very simple way, since they are plugged into the electrical network and we can connect them to the home wifi, so we can monitor it remotely.

They have the possibility of storing recordings with a sd card and can even be motorized, which will allow us to focus on different parts of the installation where it is installed.

IP compact camera to install in Marbella

These domes are called mobiles or ptz, being an acronym for pan-tilt-zoom referring to the characteristics of these cameras:

  • panning: camera horizontal plane rotation
  • tilt: vertical rotation
  • zoom: possibility to zoom in

We are therefore talking about cameras with many functionalities at the management level, specially prepared for outdoors and to be operated by security guards in housing estates, homeowners’ communities and all kinds of facilities.

It allows the programming of automatic sequences of movement to control an area automatically 24 hours, in case of not having a security personnel for its management

IP ptz mobile dome to install in Marbella


The fundamental benefit of this type of camera is the absence of dead spots. They also facilitate capturing moving objects.

They provide different viewing options, which can be chosen according to the needs of the area or establishment to be guarded. Providing different viewings make this camera very useful for large installations to be covered.

IP panoramic camera to install in Marbella


These thermal cameras are currently the most advanced on the market and offer the most sophisticated features. They work with infrared, detecting by thermal emission several hundred meters away. They are widely used in facilities with a high level of security, such as prisons, power plants or nuclear power plants, even being used in improvement processes in industry, since they anticipate possible breakdowns in machinery or even fire detection.

At the private security level, they are widely used to detect possible intruders. Cameras with IP video and thermal detection are available at the same time, allowing the intruder to be detected earlier and verified with a high-quality IP image at the same time. It greatly attenuates false alarms.

They have had other developments, such as taking temperatures in crisis such as the covid-19.

thermal camera to install in Marbella

thermal camera to install in Marbella



Type of recorder


They are the recorders that we need to install in IP camera systems.

Today, as in the rest of the components of IP systems, prices have been fairly balanced with respect to analog ones.

We can find them for 4, 8, 16 and 32 video channels. They offer very high quality features in image engraving, which can be very useful in the event of criminal acts.

IP NVR recorder to install in Marbella



Analog DVR recorder

These recorders service analog camera systems. They come prepared for 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels. It is always interesting to acquire one with a greater number of channels, in case there is the possibility of increasing the number of cameras in the future, not finding ourselves needing to look for a new one.

Nowadays, most of these recorders give the possibility of adding IP cameras and establishing a hybrid camera system.

Analog DVR recorder to install in Marbella



Hybrid recorder

Hybrid recorders allow solutions to very common situations, old C.C.T.V. analog, which need updating.

These recorders allow us to combine the use of analog and digital cameras, so it would not be necessary to remove a complete system of cameras, but rather gradually replace IP cameras instead of older analog cameras.

hybrid recorder to install in Marbella

Fabricator brands

After almost 30 years installing security systems, we continue with our premise of always prioritizing the needs of each client, to define the “tailored suit” that each one needs.

That is why we work with different types of solutions, qualities and, of course, manufacturers, always with the condition of being top quality products with proven solvency.

We also work with various distributors, those necessary to cover all these needs. Here you can see the brands that we usually work with.

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