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Security systems

Security systems department is another of the most important areas of Malaca Seguridad. In this area there are two very important sections:

  • Installation of all kinds of security systems
  • System maintenance

There are two premises on which we work:

  1. Technicians close to customers
  2. We DO NOT work exclusively with any manufacturer or distributor, which allows us to offer “the tailor-made suit” that best suits the needs of each client.

This work is carried out by a team of technicians, our company’s own personnel. This detail is very important, since it means that the technicians who install your equipment will be the ones you will be able to see in the future, maintaining these installed equipment.

The team is made up of a Technical Chief, who organizes and coordinates all the work to be carried out, and 6 technical specialists in security systems, who are in charge of all kinds of installations and maintenance of security systems in Marbella & Benahavís area, and throughout the area of the Costa del Sol, all of them, as we have said, employees on Malaca Seguridad’s payroll, which avoids the rotation of technicians, and therefore, greater knowledge and closeness with the different clients.

What tasks can we help you with?:

  • Installation of alarm systems in properties in Marbella and the rest of the Costa del Sol
  • Installation of cameras and closed circuit television (C.C.T.V.)
  • C.C.T.V. installation and alarm systems in communities of owners and urbanizations.
  • Installation of security systems, in all types of companies, port facilities, teaching centers, hotels and hospitality centers.
  • We have connection of alarm systems to its own central station, for all those installations that require it.

You can find much more detailed information in case you are interested in installing an alarm system or a security camera

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