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Security vehicle patrol

This type of service is defined in article 41.1.e) of the regulations of the Private Security Law, where it talks about patrol service or discontinuous surveillance, through intermittent and scheduled visits, which allows to mitigate the risks of intrusion or other types of acts criminal on many types of property.

On some occasions only these rounds are carried out, and on other occasions they are complementary services to the surveillance itself or to the installed alarm systems.

In any case, for more than 30 years we have had this surveillance rounds in Marbella and the rest of the Costa del Sol, being a service that provides a high level of security, tranquility to the owners and deterrence against possible outside intrusions.

servicio de rondas en Marbella

Our team is equipped with all the technological means that allow us to be always communicated, located and constantly sending information, using advanced security devices.

It is very important that the rounds vehicle is duly communicated with a receiving center, in case of any unexpected risk situation that may be encountered.

This service offers a greater perception of presence and reach in the guarded areas, and therefore an increase in the prevention of abnormal situations and deterrence of intrusive behaviors.

All kinds of facilities, both private and public, can be the object of this surveillance round in Marbella

As always you can request information on any of our communication channels enabled for this purpose.

In this summary infographic, you can see the details of the surveillance rounds in Marbella

security vehicle patrol

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