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Surveillance service

The surveillance service is one of our star services. We provide this service in all Malaga province. Most of services are provided in Marbella and Benahavis area.

It is an activity that offers a high degree of satisfaction to our clients, providing them with peace of mind and security, as well as high levels of prevention and deterrence, in the face of external threats.

This service is offered through security guards. They use in their service cameras and alarm systems, as well as being complemented by cars or motorcycles, according to the requirements of each service. They also have at their disposal our assistance service, which complements, especially at night, security guards.

In case of an incident, security guard assigned to a surveillance service will have the support of our 24-hour service of security inspectors, who supervise daily, that everything is provided according to customer requirements. and faithfully complying with the regulations of the Law and the Private Security regulations.

For those situations in which the required level of security is not so strict, there is the alternative of a surveillance patrol service, which can cover many situations, at a lower cost.

vehículo de vigilancia

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